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What I Am Working On: Negative Space

Today I was working on this file from Lake Manyara National Park:

ISO 800 f/9 70mm 1/3200sec

It was a beautiful and expansive landscape. I created two versions of this file, a color and a black and white. Before I applied specific edits I started with a few general things that applied to both versions. I adjusted the shadows and highlights and the white and blacks. Then I moved on to adding Luminar Looks. I have recently downloaded a few looks that imitate Fuji film looks. For my color edit I used Fuji Classic Chrome:

ISO 800 f/9 70mm 1/3200sec

For the black and white version I used Acros +Y:

ISO 800 f/9 70mm 1/3200sec

I’ve also created my own look that I call “Vintage Touch-Up”, It adds matte, grain, and vignette filters that can then be adjusted. I applied this look to both of files. This is one of those times where I am happy with all the versions, but that might have to do with the fact that I really liked this view.


This post was created in response to the Lens-Artist Photo Challenge, Negative Space.



17 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: Negative Space

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  2. It’s interesting to read about the processes behind the images – both the technical processes and your thinking. Both edits are effective I think. I’m considering getting Luminar – would you recommend it?


    • Yes, I would, but I would suggest that you try a 30-day trial before making that decision. For myself, I had experience with Photoshop but didn’t like the subscription model. I also have found that Luminar offers the tools I was wanting to use. Good luck 😊

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      • I have Photoshop Elements which was a one-off purchase, not subscription 🙂 I downloaded the Luminar trial but there are quite a few things you can’t do in the trial version so I’m still undecided!


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