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Daily Record Weekly Photo Wrap-Up: Week 77

This week is again about the deeper tones of late fall, fitting as we change the clocks this weekend in this country:

Welcome to this week’s installment of my daily photographic record. Posts in this series will be photos from the week before, roughly Friday through Friday. This, once a week, wrap-up post will publish on Sunday. The photos for this post will be in a gallery format, they will have all been taken on my phone. The captions on the photos will be an indication of the photo-editing software used to edit them, or simply “as shot” for those that are unedited. *hopefully temporary update*  The caption function is not functional on the new block editor in WordPress. So, I have added the editing note to the title which is visible if you click to view the gallery.

Writing a weekly wrap up with a gallery is a way for me to gather my thoughts on what has caught my attention in the previous week. It will be a way of filtering through what I am thinking about photographically. I’ll also be able to come back to these posts and look at what trends emerge over time.

As with all my posts, your comments are welcome. I appreciate your interaction with my work here on this blog. It is my intention to publish in this series on Sunday. Every Sunday that is possible. Looking at my year, I already know there are some weeks where I will not be close enough to my technology to make a post possible. In an effort to keep this project pleasant for myself, I won’t be attempting catch-up posts.

Hope to see you in the comments below and in this space next week!



4 thoughts on “Daily Record Weekly Photo Wrap-Up: Week 77

      • Smoothly indeed! I want to try it again, but just can’t stomach it. Maybe one trick they have waiting for us is when the classic editor goes away in 2021, they expect people to spend $300 per year for a business plan that most of us don’t need or want. They get more and more greedy, better at ripping off the users.


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