18-55mm lens, Canon 80D, Luminar AI, Photography, Squares

January Squares: Sizing Each Other Up

It’s already the 7th of January, but this post is my first entry to the January Squares challenge that is running over at The Life of B. I chose to start my entries to this challenge with this one because it makes me smile:

ISO 400 55mm f/10 1/60sec

In case you are concerned, this was an encounter that went well. The driver of this vehicle was parked and the elk walked up to it, the driver had not attempted to attract the animal in any way. When the elk began to lick the car, the driver restarted his car and reversed slowly away and the elk lost interest.

But this split second, when the two are sizing each other up, made for a good photo. It was shot on my Canon 80D and then edited in Luminar AI. I’ve added the “Instant Result” template at 80%. Your thoughts are welcome below.



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