70-200mm lens, Canon 50D, Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge, Luminar AI, Photography

Where Land and Water Meet

ISO 200 70mm f/8 1/200sec

I have been looking through some photo files, and I came across this one, shot along the Normandy Coastline. I’ve edited it before, but I was creating black and white images and thought this one might work. I don’t often look to edit landscape images in black and white, but in this case I think it worked. Your thoughts are welcome in the comments below.


Created with CBWC, In or On Water in mind.


10 thoughts on “Where Land and Water Meet

  1. Yes, the photo works in grayscale.  Have not seen the original in color, so dunno which I would prefer.

    Some time ago, Cee Neuner posted a series of pairs of flower photos: the original in color and a grayscale edit.  Seeing both versions together was interesting.  Yes, some appealing forms and textures were more prominent in grayscale.


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