18-55mm lens, Canon 80D, Luminar AI, Photography, Squares

January Squares: Dust Up

This was an interesting tussle to witness. It seemed more like a minor display of dominance than a full up fight over territory or a female. These two walked away but stayed near one another a few minutes later.

ISO 400 55mm f/8 1/125sec

I’ve used Luminar AI for this edit. I added the Warming Sun template at 75%, it highlighted the warm tones in the image, but set at 100% seemed a bit over the top. I used the dodge and burn tool to lighten the face of the elk. Your thoughts on the edit are welcome below.


This image was also added to Day 21 of the SquareUp challenge.


26 thoughts on “January Squares: Dust Up

  1. I suppose if it had gotten bad, your title would have been “Locked Up”. That was definitely over territory and probably not just one female. Usually the bigger buck wins unless he is getting old or having health issues and can’t fight anymore then a young buck will take over the heard. Fantastic shot! 🙂


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