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What I Am Working On: Keeping Up With the Kit

What’s in my bag these days:

The bodies: Canon 50D and Canon 80D. A working film camera, it is a Canonete 28, that belonged to my great-uncle and has been passed on to me.

The lenses: 50mm 1.8, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, 11-22mm f/3.5-3.5 IS, 70-200mm f/2.8 IS.

Shot with my iPhone SE

What I’ve learned along the way is that if you don’t get to know the gear you have, you won’t be able to create the best possible photo. I’m a firm believer in trying out a new camera body before you purchase it. Does it feel comfortable in your hands, are the buttons and menus set in ways that make sense to you? If there is something not quite right here for you personally, look at other options.

Since we are not travelling or getting out a whole lot right now, I have taken to switching out my lenses on my 80D and taking it on my walks around the neighbourhood. I’m doing this to stay familiar with the camera body and the lenses, how they work best, what sort of thing each lens is best for. My Canon 50D is mostly retired now. It has some sensor issues, so I keep it as a back-up. The film camera is something that I use the least. I am still working on when I would like to use it and the ways in which it works best.

Just for fun, here is my gear shot in the app Hipstamatic:

The Kit, Hipstamatic version

Added to Lens Artists, My Photography Journey.


30 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: Keeping Up With the Kit

  1. A wonderful collection of gear! I admit to not knowing my camera as well as I could or should. There, I said it! I see you still use the letter U in some words, love it! ❀️

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  2. It seems you are a Canon shooter Amy LOL! We have an ongoing fun-competitive conversation in our photography club about Canon vs Nikon, which has now evolved to also include the Fuji mirrorless series. Interestingly we have far more Nikon shooters but quite a few have also taken up the Fuji. At the end of the day though, you are so right, whatever equipment you choose, it’s only going to work well if you really know it through and through. Learning an entirely new system was a real challenge for me but the lighter weight has made a huge difference. Still miss my Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 though😩. Thanks for joining us this week – hope you’ll be with us for the editing challenge next week – right up your alley!


    • I’ve done this two ways, first is to borrow from a friend. The second is to rent the camera, maybe for about a week, or whatever feels like it would be enough time to get a handle on it. There are a lot of rental places, from local shops to online. So, the best place to rent where you are might vary from here.


  3. That is amazing you have a Canon from your great-grandfather. It’s definitely a keeper and hope it still works alright. I agree with you on knowing your gear to get the best results with photographer. When I started photography, I started with Canon as the usability and its cameras spoke to me. Then I changed to Fujifilm. As much as I got great results and the Fuji mirrorless I had then was an amazing camera, I didn’t feel as intuitive as I did with Canon. Switched back to Canon after a few years and have not had any regrets.

    Hope you are well, Amy. Lovely edits as usual :0


    • Thanks very much Mabel, and I am well. We moved from England back to the US over the summer, so it’s been a busy time, but that has all gone well.
      I think that’s brave of you to switch back, so many photographers get caught up in the brand without thinking clearly enough about if that brand is really the one for them.


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