28-135mm lens, Canon 50D, Luminar AI, Made With Luminar, Squares

April Square: Bright Spots

For the April Squares challenge this month, Becky has chosen the theme “Bright”. My entries this month will all be called Bright Spots. My photos in this series are selected from a project I am currently working on. I have received a digital photo frame as a gift, and I have been going through my archives for photos to include. What fun it has been to do that, a bright spot in my life for sure. I’ll include a bit about each photo entry. Here is today’s entry:

ISO 400 f/5.6 1/1600sec 135mm

Taken in August of 2010 on a whale watching trip off the Bay of Fundy. This photo has the Luminar AI template, Cold Currents added to it. Your thoughts are welcome below.

Part of April Squares, Bright.



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