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April Squares: Bright Spots

For the April Squares challenge this month, Becky has chosen the theme “Bright”. My entries this month will all be called Bright Spots. My photos in this series are selected from a project I am currently working on. I have received a digital photo frame as a gift, and I have been going through my archives for photos to include. What fun it has been to do that, a bright spot in my life for sure. I’ll include a bit about each photo entry. Here is today’s entry:

Today’s photo I edited two different ways because I will be presenting them two places. Here is the original file:

ISO 100 f/8 4.3mm 1/320sec

The first edit is for entry into my camera club’s photo competition, so there are specific rules about what edits can and can’t be done, but the overall thought is that the final edit would be a representation of the scene as it was when you shot it. So, edits for this include things like white balance and shadows and highlights:

ISO 100 f/8 4.3mm 1/320sec

The second edit, is my square edit, which other than being a square has no other limits on the edits:

ISO 100 f/8 4.3mm 1/320sec

For this edit, in Luminar AI I added the LUT, analog look 24, and a light leak texture overlay.

I like both edits for different reasons. The first edit is a good detail study of the scene. The square is a bit more romantic and expresses a nice summer vibe. Your thoughts and comments are welcome below.

Added to Day 12 of April Squares.