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What I Am Working On: Further Adventures in Custom Settings

About a month ago I wrote a post about creating custom settings in my Canon 80D with the hope that those photos would need fewer steps of post-processing. I’ve used them several times now, and overall am happy with the results. I have a setting in color and one in black and white. Of the two, the black and white setting is my favorite at this point. This week I got this image:

ISO 800 f/5 1/640sec 31mm

It’s rare for me to publish a photo straight out of the camera, but this one is. I was pretty excited about that. Equally as exciting was this photo:

ISO 800 f/5.6 1/640sec 50mm

Do you see the fox? Both these photos were taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden, which is in the city limits of St. Louis in a heavily residential area. The garden is a lovely oasis in the city. A seeing such a healthy-looking fox was a real treat. A great outing all around for me.

Questions or comments about either photo are welcome below.


Written in response to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, What A Treat.