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What I Am Working On: Photo to Wood Transfer Update

I last wrote about my photo to wood transfer attempts in October. It wasn’t going particularly well so it was back to doing some more research. I started by googling something that included the idea that it “wasn’t working” and I got a surprising number of hits. As a result, I tried using a hard type of wood, which helped but wasn’t what I would consider a fix:

Taken with iPhone

It’s a better result than the softer wood, but hardly a good result. Then I tried a different type of paper:

Taken with iPhone

Much happier with this. I went ahead and tried both the hard wood which is above and the soft wood:

Taken with iPhone

The hard wood had a better result and was easier to do, the transfer process was smoother. Most instructions say that you do not need to seal these, but I have, I think they will last longer that way. In this case, I used a gel matte medium, brushed on and left to dry. To get these photo transfer results I used these two sources, the first is complete written instructions. The second is a short video. I found them to be helpful when used in combination, which is why I have included both links.

I used the tattoo transfer paper brand that is mentioned in both links. The type of paper ended up making this project something enjoyable and relatively easy to do, A nice plus for me is the fact that the tattoo transfer paper is made for an inkjet printer, most other photo to wood transfer instructions require a laserjet printer, this means I can print it at home. I will say also that it did look like the company made a version for laser printer as well if that’s what you are working with. A downside to this is that the size of the final project is limited by the size of the printer paper.

Now that I have found a process that works, I am on to the next phase of the project. My idea is to create several of these that will hang on our living room wall. My working theme is photos from our years in England. I am in the process of selecting those photos.

As this project is a labor of love for me, I am adding it to the Tuesday Photo Challenge, All You Need Is Love.


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What I Am Working On: A Project Update

In September I started work on a photo transfer to wood project. I wrote a post about it, but here are my attempts so far:

I really like this idea of wood transfer, but I am far from satisfied with this round. Here is a closer look at what I consider to be the worst:

It was a problem with all the transfers, but this was the worst in terms of photo that ended up peeling completely off the wood during the process.

This one ended up being my favorite:

So from there I did some more research on the process. I’ve got a few things to try, first I’m going to sand the wood, then prep the wood before attempting the transfer. I’m also eventually going to try a different type of wood, as these panels may be too soft. Since I have these panels though, my next attempts will be on the back of them.

I’ll be back with another post on my progress, but I am also occasionally posting in-process images on my Instagram

Feel free to stop over to see me there. Your thought or questions on this project are welcome below.