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What I Am Working On: A Project Update

In September I started work on a photo transfer to wood project. I wrote a post about it, but here are my attempts so far:

I really like this idea of wood transfer, but I am far from satisfied with this round. Here is a closer look at what I consider to be the worst:

It was a problem with all the transfers, but this was the worst in terms of photo that ended up peeling completely off the wood during the process.

This one ended up being my favorite:

So from there I did some more research on the process. I’ve got a few things to try, first I’m going to sand the wood, then prep the wood before attempting the transfer. I’m also eventually going to try a different type of wood, as these panels may be too soft. Since I have these panels though, my next attempts will be on the back of them.

I’ll be back with another post on my progress, but I am also occasionally posting in-process images on my Instagram

Feel free to stop over to see me there. Your thought or questions on this project are welcome below.