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What I Am Working On: Photo to Wood Transfer, Making Decisions

I wrote in my previous post on this project that I had figured out the process of transferring a photo to wood. Now for the next two steps, choosing the photos and figuring out the layout on the wall. I chose the photos first. For this particular wall, I am displaying a selection of images from our time living in England. The process of going through the photos took a while, but it was fun to look back through everything. I narrowed it down to 45 images. Then I got some input from my husband. Then I narrowed it down. Then I got some more input and it expanded the number of images. The final number of images ended up at 19. At this point, I took all the images and in Luminar AI added the template, Travelogue. What this does is give them all the same finish. I chose this particular template for a few reasons but an important one was that it muted the colors of the images a bit. With 19 images this wall will be somewhat busy. It’s a lot to look at, and I did not want the colors to be too screamy:

All photos are 4×6 on wood.
All photos are 4×6 on wood.

Then I measured the wall and created a spreadsheet in Excel:

The original Excel spreadsheet

Then I took a screenshot of the spreadsheet and opened it in Powerpoint and arranged the photos:

Excel spreadsheet in Powerpoint with photos.

This gives me an idea of what the wall will look like when it is finished. When all the woodblocks are finished it will be time to put them up on the wall!

Any thoughts or comments you have about this project are welcome in the comment section below.


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